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History of Remote Controls

What would we do without remote controls?  Learning about the history of remote controls may be a little surprising, considering we pretty much take them for granted today. 

History of remote controls shows that the Germans are the ones to take credit for developing the first remote controlled machine.  During World War 1 history of the remote controls proved to be a motor boat used by the German navy to attack and ram ships of the enemy.  But this is not the only history of remote controls used during World War 1.  Weapons and bombs are part of the history of remote controls, and because of this type of attacks World War 1 issued in the age of distance warfare.

History of remote controls is not all part of bloody warfare.  History of remote controls also has a pleasant side.  For instance, in the 1940s people coming home from a hard day’s work no longer had to get out of their cars and lug open a heavy garage door in order to safely park their vehicles, because history of remote controls then included remote control garage door openers.  So history of remote controls began a new era, that of convenience.

The history of remote controls shows that ten years after remote controlled garage door openers came on the scene, remote controls for televisions made their first appearance.

The history of remote controls now included the ultimate dream for die-hard couch potatoes.  The name of this little gem was “Lazy bones,” aptly named, since no longer would any effort more than a flick of the wrist be required to change channels, making it a much appreciated and over-used piece of this gadget from the history of remote controls.  However, this part of the history of remote controls was cumbersome and non-convenient, because it wasn’t the tiny tool we know today.  Rather, history of remote controls shows it was a long cable hooked to the television set and buttons controlled a motor that turned the tuner and no doubt tripped children and adults as well if they didn’t stay parked on their beloved couches!  No wonder this primitive chunk of history of remote controls lost out in the popularity contest and disappeared, now all but forgotten, and gladly so.

Later, the light from a flashlight was used as the next step in the history of remote controls.  This too was inconvenient as the light had to be aimed into a corner of the TV set, and history of remote controls once again had a comical side in that the person behind the flashlight could rarely remember which corner to light up, and once he aimed properly which corner controlled what.  A brilliant flash of history of remote controls indeed!

The family dog did not appreciate the next step in the history of remote controls.  The wireless remote control at last arrived and took its rightful place in the history of remote controls, but alas, the dog’s tags would set off the remote, or worse yet, the remote had such a high frequency that it hurt man’s best friend’s ears to the point of making him howl in anguish.

So the next time you use your remote control keep in mind the rich heritage it holds in the history of remote controls.